Contract Solutions, Inc., a California-based company, is your best source for quality contract creation, review and negotiation at affordable rates. 
Established in 2002, CSI offers a unique advantage to growing companies who want and need a contracts professional but do not want the expense of a full-time staff person.
Having a contracts professional create, review and negotiate your agreements means that the business terms and relationship are well defined and risks mitigated.
Let CSI create, review and negotiate your sales, marketing, technology acquisition, and other commercial contracts. Your virtual contracts department is waiting.
About Us
President, and contracts specialist, Lori Hart Beninger, founded Contract Solutions, Inc. in 2002 to act as a virtual contracts department for companies that either don't have a contracts department or have too much work, on a seasonal basis, for the contracts department they do have.

With more than 20 years of experience in the negotiation, creation, and review of sales, engineering, technology acquisition, marketing, and procurement contracts of every kind, Contract Solutions, Inc. can help you with the majority of your contract needs.

Contract Solutions, Inc. does not retain attorneys, but will work closely with attorneys as needed.